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Novel ‘Mesmerising Cat’ Campaign to Promote Recycling of Electricals

A very purr-suasive campaign

The Recycle Your Electricals Campaign has unleashed HypnoCat, a pink fluffy feline that uses its hypnotic superpowers to persuade people to recycle their electricals rather than binning them. The cat’s pink coat reflects the designated colour for electrical recycling.

The campaign has been launched in response to the UK’s surge in clearing out during the coronavirus lockdown. It was initially rolled out on paid social media and radio in four locations across the UK: Bristol, Bath and North Somerset; Tyneside and Newcastle; Edinburgh and Falkirk; and Norwich.

The launch will be supported by social media from the Recycle Your Electricals channels and by outdoor advertising in the coming months. The campaign will be calling on households to bag up their old electricals ready for recycling when collections and recycling centres are fully operational again.

Recycle Your Electricals will be posting about the launch of HypnoCat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (see links at end of post) and, is encouraging people to follow them and share campaign posts on their channels.

It is also calling on the public to share pictures, questions and stories about the electricals they’ve collected in a bag, using the hashtags #AskHypnoCat or #Dontbinitbagit. The group’s research shows that 2.7 million homes are holding onto old electrical toys such as Furbys and Tamagotchis, and that 5.5 million still have an outdated Mega Drive.

Read the Recycle Your Electricals launch press release and navigate the social links below.

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