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How To Make My Vote Count

Will my vote in the local council elections on May 5th make any difference at all to how Ealing tackles the Climate Emergency?

That is what Ealing Friends of the Earth are setting out to discover.

We are asking all the local political parties to answer six questions on the environment. We will put their answers on our website so that Ealing voters can compare them. Residents will then be able to vote for whichever party they think has the most environmentally favourable stance.

A Climate Emergency was declared by Ealing Council in January 2021. We need to know what has been done since then and what plans the parties have to tackle the Climate Emergency if they win the election.

Labour has held the majority of seats on the council since 2010. But other parties contesting local seats are Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, Ealing Independents and TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition).  We are asking all of them the following questions:

  1. Would you review Ealing Council’s Climate Strategy on a regular basis? (Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy – Adopted January 2021). In particular, would you provide estimates of the emissions saved so far as a result of the actions in the strategy and a projection of total emissions forward to 2030 (‘Net Zero’ year)?
  2. Ealing Council has recently revised its Biodiversity Action Plan. What do you think of it and are you happy to see it adopted in its current form by the end of 2022?
  3. Would you require developers to provide an estimate of carbon emissions – direct and ‘embedded’ – for all major planning applications in the borough?
  4. Would you place a requirement on developers to provide net zero carbon housing units?
  5. Would you set a target to stabilise and then reduce the amount of motor traffic on Ealing’s roads? What policies would you adopt to achieve this?
  6. Would you establish a plan to address air pollution such that pollution levels across the entire borough are brought within UK legal limits and WHO (World Health Organisation) Guideline Values?

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