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Heatwaves Around the World – is Climate Change the Real Arsonist?

The authorities in Britain and elsewhere are keen to talk about the role of arsonists in these fires. But the fact of the matter is that fires would not have spread unless the forests were tinder dry. And tinder dry forest is exactly what we expect with climate change. Perhaps they should talk about climate change!

Firefighters in the US

Intensity of Fires in US West Threatens to Push Firefighters to the Brink

A firefighter runs while trying to save a home as a wildfire tears through Lakeport, Calif., Tuesday, July 31, 2018. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)
Firefighters in Portugal 2018-08

700 Firefighters Battling Blazes in Portugal

Over 700 firefighters battle Portugal forest fire as temperatures reach record high

Greece, Spain & France

Forest fires cause people to flee in Greece, Spain and France

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