Ealing Friends of the Earth

Download a Poster

You can download our flyer and a number of posters and pollution maps from links in this post. The posters were created for use on stalls, so they mostly don’t contain contact details of Ealing Friends of the Earth as people visiting a stall can see our flyer and other material and talk to us.

The posters are A3 but you should also be able to print them A4. We have some printed copies of the flyer and posters available to EFoE members for use on stalls, etc.

Posters that have ‘Halves’ in the filename contain two A3 pages: the top and bottom halves of the poster. This allows you to create a cheap A2 poster by cutting the margin off one of the A3 halves and sticking it carefully to the other one.

Black and white posters:

  • DirtyAirPoster – Air Pollution.
  • HedgehogPoster – Extinction of wildlife.
  • LondonClimateEmergencyPoster – Climate change.
  • WhatYouCanDoPoster – Actions people can take.

Download from Here.

Colour posters:

  • StagesOfClimateCatastrophe – Climate change poster.
  • ActonMapAndKeyNO2 – NO2 pollution map of Acton.
  • ActonMapAndKeyPM2_5 – Particulate PM2.5 pollution map of Acton.

There are also: NO2 pollution maps for Ealing Borough and for Greater London, and a PM2.5 particulate pollution map for Ealing Borough.

Download from Here.

Recruitment Leaflet / Flyer:

Our A5 recruitment leaflet in PDF format. We also have some printed copies for EFoE members for use on stalls, etc.

Download from Here.