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Don’t Let Your Vehicle Idle

Engine Off Every Stop:

Idling Action London have launched a campaign to encourage drivers to switch off when stationary; for example when pulled over to load or unload, or when waiting at a railway level crossing .

Engine Off Every Stop shows drivers that switching off your engine when pulled over helps to protect public health and makes an immediate improvement to local air quality.

But of course, moving vehicles pollute more!

However, while it’s good to minimise idling, vehicles produce far more exhaust gas when they are moving. The amount of exhaust generated goes up roughly with the engine RPM. On top of that, moving vehicles generate dust from tyre and brake wear, especially if they are heavy.

So the ideal vehicle of the future is the smallest, lightest, fully-electric vehicle that meets your needs. And of course if you are able to walk, cycle or use public transport, that’s even better.

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