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Council Climate Emergency Toolkit

Below are links to help Ealing residents and Ealing Council find ways to tackle the climate emergency that the Council has declared (climate emergencies have also been declared by London’s Mayor and the UK national parliament).

Ealing Councillors and Officers: Search the policies of 100’s of UK councils and access a variety of resources.

Ealing residents and EFoE members: This is a chance to see what is being implemented elsewhere to help us contribute ideas that should be feasible in Ealing.

Climate Emergency UK

A new organisation run with donations and volunteer hours. Its goal is to support local authorities that have declared climate & ecological emergencies and help them with their action plans, by providing information about best practice and a network where local authorities, activists, NGOs, business and local communities can work together.

Current focus is a database of UK Local Authority climate & ecological emergency declarations and action plans, to help interested parties quickly identify best practice. “We are also bringing together resources local authorities can use to deliver on their commitments, including a check list of what makes a good action plan”.

They work with Councillors and officers as well as individual activists and NGO’s including Friends of the Earth, Centre for Alternative Technology, Ashden, My Society, XR. https://www.climateemergency.uk/

Database of climate emergency declarations and action plans

Developed by ClimateEmergency.uk and mySociety, with input from a range of council climate officers, climate specialists, researchers, and journalists.

  • Search for a phrase – Across all climate action plans in our database.
  • Find your council’s action plan – Enter your postcode
  • Browse and compare all 409 councils!

Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab

To further its Zero Carbon Britain work, the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has set up the ‘ZCB Hub and Innovation Lab’ to support councils, communities and other organisations to act on the climate and biodiversity emergency. https://cat.org.uk/info-resources/zero-carbon-britain/

Part of the CAT Hub and Innovation Lab is is the ZCB Resource Hub, which contains freely available online inspiration, tools, reports, guidance, training, webinars and more, to support your action on net zero.

Blueprint for local climate action

“A blueprint for accelerating climate action and a green recovery at the local level” – this document has been backed by several organisations including FoE, Greenpeace, Ashden, and with support from the Local Government Association and London Councils. Download PDF

Friends of the Earth UK – Climate Action Groups

A few years back FoE decided to set up the chain of ‘Climate Action groups’ which would include a wider group of people than FoE with the idea that anyone could set up and register a group. For the project, FoE provide a variety of resources. See: Take Climate Action.

Ideas and Examples for Ealing

Put a Climate Change link on Council’s home page, e.g. as South Cambridgeshire District Council do.

Add a link on the Council website to 9 things you can do about climate change (by The Grantham Institute at Imperial College).

Involve Young People

Involve Young people in creating a ‘Climate Change Plan of Action’, by, for example, holding  cabinet meetings in schools. e.g. North Ayrshire – “as a Child Centred Council, are committed to ensuring that young people are involved and engaged at all stages of our Climate Change journey.” See PDF.

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