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Towers or Terraces

Towers versus Low Rise Housing Summary Ealing Friends of the Earth believes that tower blocks are not appropriate for Ealing. Towers damage the environment. Studies show they can double embodied carbon in construction compared to low-rise. They also consume far more energy during their lifetimes. Towers put residents at risk from fire, pandemics, power-cuts, extreme …

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Weather Map 2050

Weather 2050

Met Office Weather Forecast for 2050 In 2020 the UK Met Office released this weather forecast for 2050 that shows London boiling with summer temperatures in the 30s and 40s °C. Fast forward to 2021 and the climate crisis is biting faster and harder than predicted. After heat broke all records in Canada in June, …

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Climate Action Now

Council Climate Emergency Toolkit

Below are links to help Ealing residents and Ealing Council find ways to tackle the climate emergency that the Council has declared (climate emergencies have also been declared by London’s Mayor and the UK national parliament). Ealing Councillors and Officers: Search the policies of 100’s of UK councils and access a variety of resources. Ealing …

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Download a Poster

You can download our flyer and a number of posters and pollution maps from links in this post. The posters were created for use on stalls, so they mostly don’t contain contact details of Ealing Friends of the Earth as people visiting a stall can see our flyer and other material and talk to us. …

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Short Videos on Climate, Energy & Nature

Covering: Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Nuclear, the Natural World. Learn more about these subjects with videos from respected institutions like NASA, The Royal Society, Desertec and National Geographic, and see real examples from across the world. Climate Change Fossil Fuels (coal, oil, gas) are a massive store of past solar energy in the fossilised remains …

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Mis-Sold SUVs Trash the Planet

Carbon Emissions: The International Energy Agency has revealed that SUVs (4x4s) are the SECOND LARGEST CAUSE of the global rise in carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade, eclipsing all shipping, aviation, heavy industry and even trucks. Each year SUVs emit 700 mega-tonnes of CO2: a disaster given that the world desperately needs to cut …

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How to Pay-back in January

It’s natural we want to spoil our loved ones (and ourselves!) with some new electricals and tech for Christmas. But did you know: Every year between Black Friday and Christmas the UK buys a massive 53.5 million electrical items That includes a whopping 7 million blenders for our New Years health kicks And 5 million …

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods – See EFoE’s Position Statement

“Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) have a role in traffic reduction but are only a part of the solution”  says Friends of the Earth There has been a shocking increase of road traffic in Ealing, with an increase of 130 million (17%) in vehicle miles from 2012 to 2019. (1) “This has got to be reversed now”, …

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