Gove urged not to limit bottle deposit scheme to small containers 





Ideas to communicate Climate Change

We are currently thinking about ways to communicate the seriousness of Climate Change.

If you have an idea please

contact us


Let’s tackle climate change before it’s too late  Petition

Ten years ago, Friends of the Earth helped create the Climate Change Act – a law to tackle the main cause of climate change: greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. As a result, UK carbon emissions have fallen.

But now we need to be more ambitious to keep our planet at a safe temperature. Friends of the Earth is asking us to sign a petition calling on the Prime Minister to take urgent action to help halt climate change.

To: The Prime Minister

The UK must contribute its fair share to the global effort to tackle climate change. I call on your government to adopt a legally binding target to:

  • Cut the UK's net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2045.
  • Meet our international commitment to keep the planet’s temperature rise below 1.5 degrees (above pre-industrial levels)

To add your name, please go to


Creative ideas to reduce plastic waste


Fielding Primary School in West Ealing have introduced several initiatives to cut plastic waste at their fairs, which should inspire others organising similar events.

·        Refreshment stalls charged a pound deposit on reusable cups.

·        Pupils could buy branded water bottles and get access to unlimited tap water and squash.

·        Craft stalls upcycled fabric offcuts and made t-shirts into bags and hairbands.

·        A recycling reward stall encouraged children to bring rubbish and receive school house points, stickers and penny sweets. This also helped to educate them on what can be recycled as they didn’t get rewarded for non-recyclable rubbish.

·        For future events, the school’s looking to reduce waste further by bulk buying eg kegs of beer, cider and soft drinks served from large bottles.



Plastic micro-fibres

Micro fibres released from washing machines harm the environment

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The solution (the action you can take)

is to purchase online the Guppyfriend Washing Bag

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Micro-fibres: animal impacts

Lab studies have found that microplastics can harm small aquatic organisms that eat them — including plankton,

a hugely important food source for aquatic organisms. These harms include decreased ability to feed and reproduce.

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Petition against Pesticides

The natural world is still in serious trouble because of pesticides.

Bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife are in decline.
Recently Friends of the Earth supporters helped secure a landmark ban on bee-harming neonics.

Now we have a chance to tackle the other pesticides that threaten nature and turn up in our food because the government is writing its new policy on farming.

 Please sign the petition to make sure there's a clear plan to reduce pesticides and make the countryside a safer place for wildlife.



Plastic straws - email cinemas

Big cinema chains, including Cineworld, Odeon and Vue,

throw away tonnes of plastic straws.

They’re among the biggest causes of plastic pollution in the UK,

clogging up landfill and choking our oceans.


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What you can do to cut down on plastic usage



Zero Waste Shopping - how to do it

Zero-waste shopping can mean a number of things: buying articles designed to last,

eg, good-quality T-shirts that last for years rather than cheap ones that lose their shape after a couple of washes;

buying secondhand from charity shops, Ebay, etc, or

obtaining goods from Freecycle, Freegle, etc; and repairing or repurposing items.

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Check Local Pollution Levels

See how polluted your area is right now with this Live Air Quality Data:


This map shows a pollution "nowcast", which is a service to show current pollution levels in detail across London in comparison with the Government's Air Pollution Index.

It is created by combining readings taken within the last hour and air pollution modelling in London.

 As you zoom into the map you will see which areas are currently experiencing higher pollution levels than others, usually those areas close to busy roads.


Also the BBC provide a “How polluted is your street” website where

you can enter a postcode: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-42566393


Petition to improve the air quality in Southall

Please sign this petition to improve the air quality in Southall:




Actions you can take: FOE has provided this link for people with a Twitter account :Ask your supermarket to take action on packaging waste


Petition to Ealing Council to divest from fossil Fuel

Please see https://campaigns.gofossilfree .org/petitions/ealing-fossil- fuel-divestment-campaign-1 



To dispose of items containing microbeads: