Bees in Perivale Wood


We are all being encouraged to ‘be nice’ to bees,

 and there has been a big increase in beekeeping in the past few years.

But according to a survey at Perivale Wood Local Nature Reserve, the honeybees there might be bad news

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Resist a US trade deal - your life may depend on it

GeorgeMonbiot, The Guardian 14 Feb 2018

We cannot trust our government to fight America’s disgusting farming practices.

Unless we mobilise, US livestock pumped full of antibiotics will harm us all.

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Climate Change Catastrophe

   Deadly heatwaves which kill healthy humans in hours will hit China,
   the Gulf and other parts of the world later this century if climate
   change is not curbed.

   The 10 warmest years on record for the UK have all occurred since
   2002. England looks set to run short of water within just 25


 World's Fight Against Plastic Bags

Several areas have plastic bag bans and/or taxes in place,

the following list is not comprehensive.

It simply paints an overall picture of the overwhelming global concern that plastic bag use has caused

and what is being done in response.

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New film: WTF? Where's The Fish?

Marinet are pleased to announce the premiere release of a film about life in the Ocean in 2050.

 The YouTube link is https://youtu.be/8Wuf_TWixjU

You can also see the full film on Marinet’s website www.marinet.org.uk


FOE Nature Network

The Climate Majority

FOE have produced a new website: https://friendsoftheearth.uk/nature


Less than 40% of people have a strong view on climate change,

either being very concerned or in denial.

About 60% accept climate change is real but don’t think we should prioritise action.

This and much more is contained in a new book by Leo Barasi called ‘The Climate Majority’.

To get a copy of the short slide pack, contact nic.ferriday@ntlworld.com.  Or, of course, read the book!


 ISBN-13: 978-1-78026-407-3          e-book: 978-1-78026-408-0


Car use is in decline

Campaign for better transport 27 July 17

Latest figures show that car use in the UK is in decline

It's time for a roads rethink: less traffic, cleaner air and a safer, greener environment.

That's our message to the Government and Highways England

as they plan the next Road Investment Strategy. 


Global Divestment Mobilisation


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Bike Hire - Creative Concern

  'Creative Concern' are working on behalf of Brompton Dock in Ealing to promote a cycle hire scheme. 

They say it's really affordable, easy and fun to use.

They can offer EFoE members a special promotional code

You can  find out more at: www.bromptondock.co.uk


Greening Front Gardens

In London and many other towns and cities in Britain, more and more front gardens are being bricked, paved or concreted over ...more ...     watch the video



Urban Gardens - RHS


The Royal Horticultural Society has a campaign on the importance of urban gardens based on quite extensive research .The key findings were: urban garden plants and trees help to cool the air in towns and cities, helping to combat dangerous temperatures caused by heat waves; trees and hedges can bring energy costs down in winter by providing insulation; garden plants and trees intercept intense rain and slow runoff, while garden soil absorbs rainwater, reducing the risk of flooding; urban gardens support a range of wildlife and help to maintain biodiversity; gardening has a beneficial effect on mental and physical health. There are some potentially negative aspects of urban gardening, in particular the need for water, and the indirect contribution to carbon emissions through the consumption of manufactured and transported horticultural goods and the use of power tools.


The RHS has produced a useful 4 page leaflet which can be downloaded here:


and you can find much other valuable information on sustainable gardening on their website, including a number of leaflets on conservation and environmental issues.

Another interesting publication is London : Garden City? a research project carried out for the London Wildlife Trust, Greenspace Information for Greater London and the Greater London Authority.


Gardens cover nearly a quarter of Greater London, and as already outlined, they are valuable in many ways. But they are under threat. This project establishes the current garden resource in London , quantifies recent land cover changes in London ’s gardens, and provides evidence for campaigns, policy and other action to promote and protect gardens as an important environmental asset.

It highlights the significant changes that have taken place in recent years: garden greenspace has been lost at the rate of two and a half Hyde Parks per year and hard surfacing increased by over 25% in the 100-month study period.

A summary of the report can be downloaded from the London Wildlife Trust’s website www.wildlondon.org.uk



       How you can take on the Climate Change Deniers

March 2010

Sceptic questions/claims:

1. Climate changed peaked in 1998 and the world has been cooling
since. Why is this happening when CO2 is still rising relentlessly.

2. Solar activity caused the warming.

3. The polar ice cap has recovered all its recently lost area.

4. Sea level is not rising.

5. The cold winter of 2009/10 in the UK and Europe disproves global warming.


1. 1998 was an exceptionally warm year (global average) but several years in the 2000s were very similar, within the accepted margin of error of the measurements (ie about 0.1 C). It is true that since the late 1990s, the warming curve has flattened out, but it is totally untrue that global average temperatures have fallen back. 

Overall the 2000s were warmer than the 1990s showing that the decadal mean is
still rising (UK Met Office). The sceptics do accept that CO2 levels are rising but try to de-link this with global warming. They fail to understand that the temperature curve will not exactly match the CO2 curve year to year (see response 2). 

(Temperature data source NASA GISS).


For further claims & responses see  www.campaigncc.org/sceptics