Filmmaker Denis Postle and family are organising an event called ‘The Climate Tsunami’. 

The gathering will feature a screening of his recent 60-minute film ‘Messages From the Blue Planet’, which presents a personal but thoroughly researched perspective on the climate emergency.

The film is intended to stimulate a facilitated public meeting, a civic space for conversation and an exploration of feelings and prospects for action on the climate emergency.

The meeting will include some music, humour and poetry, but no formal panel discussion or speeches.

The organisers are inviting local people with a developed viewpoint on the climate emergency to attend the meeting and make short statements about what they have learned and what they propose.


Saturday 27 April - Groundswell 2019

Are you concerned about climate change but not sure what you can do about it?
Starting this spring FOE are running a series of events across England to help thousands more people take action. We’ll visit Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Darlington, London and Manchester. And it’d be great to see you there.