About Us

Who are we?

Friends of the Earth is one of the country’s most respected environmental pressure groups leading the way in putting forward positive solutions to environmental problems.

Ealing Friends of the Earth is one of over 250 licensed local Friends of the Earth groups in the UK and takes action in the Borough of Ealing to further Friends of the Earth’s national and international campaigns.

What do we do?                                                

  • Lobby Ealing Council on issues such as waste and recycling, transport, planning, open spaces, biodiversity and pollution.

  • Respond to consultations on subjects like Air Quality, Bus Lanes, Road Widening, CrossRail &  Road Safety policy giving a voice to the principles of sustainable development.

  • Protest locally against big businesses which threaten or abuse people or the environment; e.g. campaigning against oil companies which block action against climate change 

  • Inform the public through stalls at major events and through Days of Action on issues such as climate change 

  • Organise public meetings on diverse topics from the destruction of rainforests to local planning policy.

As a member of Ealing Friends of the Earth you will…

  • Have chances to meet and network with like-minded people in the borough
  • Receive our informative newsletter detailing simple and effective actions you can take
  • Have a chance to become an active campaigner in one of Friends of the Earth’s campaign areas such as biodiversity, real food, pollution and public health, transport, energy, waste and recycling, toxics
  • Have opportunities to further your knowledge of environmental issues and learn campaigning skills
  • As a campaigner, have opportunities to attend Friends of the Earth training courses and conferences
  • Be part of one of the most influential and effective local pressure groups in the London Borough of Ealing

What you can do…NOW!

  • Join up! Numbers count. The Earth needs all the friends it can get!
  • Help us by writing a letter or attending an 'action' event, Click here for more information
  • Come along to our open General Meeting on the third Wednesday of every month  (except August & December) 
  • Visit us at our stalls at Hanwell Carnival and others in the Summer