Useful Links

Airport Watch Campaigns
Aviation Environment Federation Information and issues
BBC World Service with on-line programmes including the 'One-Planet' series
Bee keeping bee keeping
Campaign for better transport formerly Transport 2000 - promotes public transport
Compassion in World Farming  
composting-lesson learning to compost
composting-guide guide to composting
composting-guide for flats guide to composting in a flat (apartment)
Ealing Cycling Campaign
Ealing Freecycle  
Ealing Freegive Connects people who are giving and getting unwanted items for free in their own town. This group is open to all residents of London borough of Ealing who want their unwanted furniture, clothing, appliances, computer or annything which is taking up space to be reused or recycled rather than thrown away. Or maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself. It's completely free to join.
Ealing Today Extensive site of local information
Ealing Transition  
Ecologist The Ecologist Magazine
Electronic waste recycling  
Energy saving in winter  
Environmental Transport Association The 'Environmentalist's automobile club' and co-ordinators of European Car Free day
Ethical Consumer Ethical Consumer Magazine
Fair Trade  
Farmers Market London Farmers' Markets

Friends of the Earth (UK)

The leading UK environmental pressure group - extensive site
Garden Organic HDRA - the organic organisation
go green business Green tool guide
Green Business  
Green Drinks  
Green Guide directories The 'Green Guide' directories which include 8 regional guides and a searchable listing of over 6,000 environmental, ethical and fair trade products and services

Heathrow Assoc for Control of  Aircraft Noise

HACAN for the latest stories on Heathrow



Heathrow Destinations    (web) Heathrow 3rd runway - effect on destinations Heathrow Destinations.docx HeathrowDestinations.pdf
Heathrow Business Trips (web) Myth about business travel & airport capacity Heathrow Business Trips.docx HeathrowBusinessTrips.pdf
Heathrow Demand          (web) Heathrow 3rd runway - Effect on air traffic demand HeathrowDemand.docx HeathrowDemand.pdf
Heathrow Economics       (web) Heathrow 3rd runway - vague economic benefits HeathrowEconomics.docx HeathrowEconomics.pdf
Heathrow Tax Avoidance (web) Heathrow great tax dodge HeathrowTaxAvoid.docx HeathrowTaxAvoid.pdf
Heathrow Tax Effect        (web) Effect of tax on demand for air travel HeathrowTaxEffect.docx HeathrowTaxEffect.pdf
Lighting guide to eco-friendly home lighting
Living Streets formerly The Pedestrians Association - promotes walking
London Borough of Ealing
Pollution Plan the least polluted route
Recycling for kids guide to sustainability & recycling for kids
Selborne Society  
Soil Association  
Southall Transition  
Sustrans a sustainable transport charity promoting walking & cycling
Thames 21 is an environmental charity working with communities to bring London 's waterways to life. Every year thousands of volunteers clean up waterside grot-spots, remove graffiti and create new habitats for wildlife. It also runs nature walks in various parts of London .
Vegetarian International Voice for Animals  
Woodland Trust  
Youth Strike 4 Climate Youth Strike for Climate