Recent Plastics Activities

Saturday 16 June - Free the Octopus at Hanwell Carnival


The Octopus by our stall


At Hanwell Carnival we asked people to help a poor octopus

by removing bits of discarded plastic it's caught in so it can swim freely again. 


The plastic was then sorted into appropriate containers to be reused, recycled or disposed of safely. 

The Carnival was in Elthorne Park, Hanwell.


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Talking with students








Sheila at Acton Construction and STEM Centre

   Donald, Jules and Nic went to Ealing Green College. Many of the students there thought up some quite ingenious alternative means of dealing with plastic waste, such as sending it off into space or burying it deep in the Earth's core.

  There was discussion about whether there could be an impact on the Earth's atmosphere, leading to further weather disruptions. They also realised that it might be difficult to bore deep enough into the core, and wondered whether doing this might have a volcano-like effect.

  It was good to get the students thinking and beginning to come to the conclusion that it is better to reduce the use of plastics. 

Sheila and Virginia took the stall to the Acton Construction and STEM Centre. Several of the students were aware of the problem, partly thanks to David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’, but still were horrified by the pictures and asked what they could do about it. We suggested that they look at Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Surfers Against Sewage websites and discuss the issue with their friends. The students were interested to learn that recovered ocean plastic is now being used to make fashion items such as Nike and Adidas trainers.


A number of staff members came to our stall to chat, including the Head of the college. We were able to supply him with addresses of some retailers that manufacture biodegradable cups and cutlery.


22 February 2018 - School Assembly on Pollution by Plastic Straws   

by Sheila

On the invitation of Sarah Parker, the head of Science and Eco schools at Grange Primary School in Ealing, Donald and I prepared two presentations on plastic pollution to deliver to the 260 pupils at assembly, in order to reinforce the work that the children have recently done on the subject.

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23 February 2018 - School Assembly on Pollution by Plastic Bottles  

by Donald

Jules and Donald ran an assembly at the Grange Primary School for children from years 1-3 (5-7 year-olds). The focus was on plastic bottles: the harm they do and the fact that tap water is as good or better and much cheaper than bottled. The idea was to involve the children by asking two of them to pretend to be trees that drop their leaves, and another two to be people throwing away plastic bottles. Then they saw (in a one-minute video) that natural products (leaves, food waste) can be 'cleaned up' by insects, etc., but plastics cannot.