Climate Change Campaign (Fossil Fuels, Fracking & Renewables)

1 December 2018 - March for Climate Justice

Despite a drizzly day, members of Ealing FOE attended the march organized by Campaign for Climate Justice. There was quite a good turnout with supporters coming together from various groups who agree on this issue.The speeches were as follows: 

Opening rally
Clive Lewis MP, Labour Party 
Sian Berry, co-leader, Green Party
Richard Roberts, fracking direct action campaigner whose recent prison sentence was overturned
Paul Allen, Zero Carbon Britain
Beatriz Ratton, Brazilian Women Against Fascism
Nita Sanghera, Vice President, UCU
Asad Rehman, War on Want
Anna Gretton, Extinction Rebellion
Neil Keveren, No 3rd Runway Coalition

Downing Street
Barry Gardiner MP, Labour Party
Liz Hutchins, Friends of the Earth
Peter Allen, Frack Free United
Claire James, Campaign against Climate Change
It was interesting that Claire James was a speaker as she is also a member of EFOE
After shouting ourselves slightly hoarse along the route from Portland Place to Downing Street, we repaired to a cafe to ruminate on the world!
Let's hope that we influenced the many bystanders to vote for leaders that do take global warming seriously enough to take the actions needed to halt this accelerating crisis.


14 October 2017 - Protect our Futures day of action


Donald, Jules, Sheila and Virginia took our stall to Ealing Broadway, and talked to the public about climate change, renewable energy and fracking. 

Donald produced an informative poster with details of various kinds of renewables and figures showing the contribution that they make to our energy supply. He even downloaded that morning’s data from a site,  which gives UK electricity National Grid demand and output per production type. People found both of these very interesting.

Our chat-up line that day was “If you had to, would you rather live near a wind farm or a fracking site?”

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