5 July - Stall at West Acton Primary School


We had a lovely spot under a tree on the school's large grass  playing field. We appreciated the efforts that the school's PTA went to to make the fair environmentally friendly, and that there was no overpowering sound system! They also had brought in an animal stall with snakes, a skunk and more, and several donkeys that the children could ride on or simply pet and feed with grass.

   Our stall had a strong plastics theme with a popular colouring  activity planned by Sheila. We often had half a dozen or more children at a time seated at the drawing table, which also gave us the chance to talk to their parents. Several parents signed the plastics pledge card and signed up to receive emails from EFoE and Ealing Transition. As well as drawing, quite a few of the children were keen to talk to us about the environment. The school had been teaching them about the issue and they also remembered seeing the EFoE assembly talks last month. Some parents told us that the children had become quite active in persuading their parents to
recycle, etc.