Ealing FoE Stall at West London College Freshers Fair

Our Team

We were Virginia, Jules, Sheila, Nic and Donald.

Our Stall

The theme was mainly plastics, with also a general introduction to environmental issues. We highlighted the expense and wastefulness of buying water in disposable bottles; we had a chart inviting students to make a guess at the cost of bottled water compared with tap water. To attract attention to the stall, we had our octopus costume on a stand Ė it also made a trip around the room!

How It Went

The college has a system by which if the students get a card stamped by several stalls (8?), they get a free bag of popcorn. This was very effective in encouraging students to visit the stalls, and we made sure that we had a reasonable conversation (often a good 5 minutes or more) and got them to make their guess about the costs of water, before we would mark the cards. As a result we were kept very busy even with 5 of us on the stall. In total we talked to about 100 students (98 on our tally sheet but there were probably some that didnít get counted) & filled 2 pages of pledges, many of whom agreed to be contacted in the future. We noticed that many of the students knew far too little about environmental issues, but most of them will have come away knowing at least a bit more, and this is an audience we must try to reach. We also made contact withsome members of staff who may be interested in our giving a class/tutorial to some of their students.


For future stalls at WLC it would be good to have details of FoE groups in other countries as we met many students from overseas, and to ready ourselves to talk about the main environmental problems in the areas they come from. For some of these students it would also help if we could point them to an FoE site in their own language. (See: Friends of the Earth International https://www.foei.org/ )