14 October 2017 - Protect our Futures Day of Action

Donald, Jules, Sheila and Virginia took our stall to Ealing Broadway, and talked to the public about climate change, renewable energy and fracking. 

Donald produced an informative poster with details of various kinds of renewables and figures showing the contribution that they make to our energy supply. He even downloaded that morning’s data from a site, www.gridwatch.co.uk  which gives UK electricity National Grid demand and output per production type. People found both of these very interesting.

Our chat-up line that day was “If you had to, would you rather live near a wind farm or a fracking site?”

This was suggested by the poll run by 10:10, the organisation that focuses on tackling climate change at community level. Their question included nuclear, but ours didn’t, as the FoE material we were using focused on renewables and fracking. 10:10 found that 65% of people would not mind living near a wind farm while nearly as many would not be happy to live near a fracking site or small nuclear reactor. See https://1010uk.org for more.

Nearly all the people we talked to were in favour of wind farms and other renewables, and were not comfortable with the idea of fracking.  People thought wind turbines were: environmentally friendly, less risky, less polluting, beautiful (though someone thought they were a bit creepy, and another considered them ugly when on land, though had no issue with offshore arrays) We spoke to people from other countries, including Australia, Brazil and Germany, and learned something of the issues affecting them.

Over fifty people signed postcards to Greg Clark (Secretary of State for Energy) asking for an end to fracking in the UK. Others took cards to sign at home or said they’d do it on the FoE website. Many took information leaflets on renewable energy and fracking. A very successful day!