The MOOvement


We had no luck in getting any of our local MPs to join us on the Day of Action (9 October), but as we had borrowed some cow suits from FoE we thought we’d wear them anyway and get some more postcards signed.


So several of us met at Ealing Farmers’ Market and spent a couple of hours talking to members of the public.


We got a very good response, with hardly anyone declining to sign a card, and have now sent a big batch of cards off to FoE to forward to the MPs.


If you haven’t sent a card yet, there is still time (they’ll be available at the next FoE meeting).

 Or you can visit the FoE website to find out more about the campaign, sign a petition and contact your MP


It would be good to keep the pressure up: so far none of the Ealing MPs has signed the EDM. We know that Angie Bray has stated she won’t be supporting the Sustainable Livestock Bill (the Conservatives believe that enough is being done already) but it’s important to let her know what we think.



The Feed-in Tariff


At last month’s meeting we had a presentation on the Feed-in Tariff from Aidan Stowe of Cumberland Energy.


Aidan began by saying that although he’d set up his company to carry out solar panel installations, he wasn’t going to give us a sales talk (in any case he was involved with another project at present), but simply provide information on the Tariff – what it is worth and how to take advantage of it.

He told us about his own domestic installation which was put in earlier this year. His house has eight 210W panels, with a peak output of 1.68 kW – on sunny summer days this has been enough to run everything in the house. He estimates that his annual household use is about 4.5 megawatts; the panels are projected to provide about 1.2 mW per year, i.e. about 30% of the electricity used.


So far this may not sound too impressive. However, this is where the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) comes in.


There is no longer any set-up grant for renewable installations. Instead, under the new FiT scheme, an electricity supplier pays you for every unit of electricity generated, even the electricity that you use during the day. And at present the rates are very good. When he buys electricity, Aidan is charged 13p per kW hour by E.On, but they pay him 41.3p per kW hour, plus an additional export rate of 3p per kW hour for an estimated 50% exported electricity. These rates are set for a 25-year deal with the supplier, and are inflation-linked; however, in future the rates for new agreements will go down.


A typical installation costs about £9000, and payback time is estimated at about 13 years. Over the 25 years of the agreement, the total return on the investment would be about 3.6%. The deal stays with the house – you can’t take it with you if you move.


Some finance companies offer free installation. Under such an agreement, you get free electricity during the day, but the company gets the income from the FiT, since basically they are hiring your roof for 25 years.


At present, the UK gets about 5.5% of its electricity from renewable sources. Government targets are 30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Domestic generation has a small but important part to play in this. The electricity generated is used near to the source (if you aren’t using it, your neighbours are) and consequently there is minimal transmission loss. Also, generating your own electricity tends to greater awareness of electricity usage.


If you’d like to know more about renewable energy and the Feed-in Tariff here are a couple of useful websites:




Stop Climate Change Coalition

Lobby of MPs 5 – 6 November 2010


With the upcoming UK Energy Bill and the climate talks in Cancun approaching, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is calling for people all over the country to join with others in their communities to lobby their MPs in support of international, national and local policy demands.

We’ll be talking about this at the EFoE meeting on 20 October. To find out more about what’s involved, go to





Rate your local park


Ealing Council is looking at all the parks and open spaces in the borough and planning where improvements should happen. You are invited to comment on the quality of your local parks and open spaces and how well you feel they are being managed and maintained.

Copies of the questionnaire will be available at the FoE meeting on 20 October, or you can complete it online at 


Walpole Park

Future development exhibition and consultation


Ealing Council is planning a major programme to restore and develop Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor. Between 23 – 31 October there is the opportunity to visit an exhibition outlining the proposals and to give feedback.  As well as the exhibition (which is open from 11am – 5pm daily in the bandstand next to the playground), there will be a history trail and other activities for adults and children.

For more information visit the Parks pages at or


West Ealing Family Day

Saturday 23 October

Join West Ealing Neighbours, Ealing Council, local traders and the Ealing Farmers’ Market to celebrate the Melbourne Avenue renovation and Apple Day

Activities on Leeland Road from 9am – 1pm, dancing and music in Melbourne Avenue, craft fair and West Ealing Neighbours stall including Abundance making and selling bottled apple juice.


Ealing Green Drinks


Tuesday 26 October, 8pm onwards at the New Inn, St Mary’s Road, Ealing W5..


Mushrooms and more

More of John Wells’ very popular nature walks:


Saturday 6 November: Fungus Foray in Richmond Park

Meet outside Richmond Station at 9.15 am or at Pembroke Lodge car park (inside the Park) at 10 am

This event is on behalf of the Friends of Richmond Park.

It could extend to the whole day if demand warrants – bring a picnic lunch or buy food at Pembroke Lodge.


Saturday 20 November: Fungus Foray on Hounslow Heath

Meet in the car park opposite the Hussar pub on Staines Road at 11 am (buses 116 or 117 from Hounslow, 235 or 237 from Brentford/Hounslow)

This event is on behalf of Hounslow Countryside Rangers. There is a fee of £2 per adult, £1 per child/OAP


Saturday 27 November: Wildlife in Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve

Meet at the reserve entrance in Bollo Lane, W3 at 2pm (Chiswick Park station, District Line or  bus 440 stops outside or buses 27, 237, 267, 272, 391, E3, H91 to Turnham Green Church then 5 minutes walk)

This event is on behalf of the London Wildlife Trust


People’s Question Time


Tuesday 2 November, 7 - 9 pm at Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, WC1H 9AU

A chance to meet the Mayor and Assembly members. Subjects to be discussed include transport and the environment. For more information, and to book free tickets, go to or call 020 7983 4762


Campaign against Climate Change


Saturday 30 October, Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, NW1 2BJ (opposite Euston station):

                 Climate Forum 1pm – 7pm

followed by Climate Concert 7pm – 9pm

Zero Carbon by 2030.

Speakers to include

John McDonnell MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Andrew Simms (New Economics Foundation), John Stewart (HACAN, Airport Watch) and many others.

Free event – no need to register in advance.

For more information visit



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