3 September 2017 -Brentford festival


Our stall featured the Clean Air Campaign and also the Bee Cause, with Jules in the FoE big bee costume. Despite the rather miserable weather the stall was quite well visited and many campaign cards were signed.


An additional attraction was the Lifestyle Tips Lucky Dip.

Suggestions included:

Mix olive oil with ground sea salt and a little brown sugar to make a natural exfoliating scrub”,

“Use old toothbrushes for cleaning taps, grouting, muddy shoes, bike chains … the list is almost endless”, and

“Remove stains from wooden chopping boards and cloths by mixing lemon juice with water, apply and rinse”.

A tip mentioning lemons received a surprise gift of a lemon, while the mention of flowers or bees won a packet of seeds or a toy bee.

17 June 2017 - Hanwell Carnival


It took place in Elthorne Park.

It was quite a good day at the carnival.

We collected £9.50, about half from Sheila's cards and the rest in donations.

20 Clean Air/Ditch Diesel cards were  signed, and many signatures on the No Third Runway petition .

Some interesting conversations and several people happy to know more about what EFoE is doing.

We met MPs Virendra Sharma and Steve Pound as well as the Mayor of Ealing Cllr Simon Woodroofe.


May 2017 - Consultation on Draft Airports National Policy


new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England


West London FoE response