15 December 2016 - Talk to Cub Scout group


EFoE was invited to talk to a local Cub Scout group on an environmental topic. Read the report


15 October 2016 - Rupa Huq MP & Stephen Pound MP were at Perivale Wood for Speak Up Ealing!

 This was an event organised by members of St Stephen's Church. The MPs were asked to help protect the people, places and wild places we love from climate change. They joined many local residents to enjoy a walk in the woods, listen to speakers talking about the effects of climate change on places as diverse as Perivale and the Philippines, and discuss how we can draw attention to this problem that concerns us all, wherever we live. The event was very well attended, and the rain held off until almost the end!

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4 August 2016 - EU Habitats & Wild Bird Directives

We wrote to Rupa Huq MP about this.

The response she got from the Government Minister is here ...


Does this mean things will be better or worse when we leave the EU?


13 June 2016 -Heathrow two trial (Plane Stupid Trial)

Quite a while ago a couple of activists “defaced” posters by Heathrow Airport

which made claims about the economic benefits of a third runway.


For their heinous crime of defacing a couple of posters they faced trial by jury!

Or perhaps the real crime is disputing bogus claims about economic benefits.


After extensive delays, the trial started on Monday 13 June.


Nic Ferriday was invited to provide evidence which he duly did. But

the Crown Prosecution Service claimed that the evidence was irrelevant

and the magistrate prevented it from being discussed. 


            8 May 2016 - Time to Act - Climate Change March




Members of EFOE joined others in Central London to walk backwards for Climate Change.


This was to demonstrate that due to government inaction we have in fact gone backwards

4 February 2016 - Talk on Nuclear Disaster

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18 January 2016  - Heathrow two trial (Plane Stupid Trial)

The people versus pollution - Pollution won

At the trial Nic Ferriday and others (including John McDonnell MP) were asked to be “expert witnesses”. 


But the magistrate, Ms Wright, may rule that she does not want to hear from expert witnesses.


Read the expert witness statement that the court may not be allowed to hear.