3 March 2018 - Animal Charities Fair

Our stall at the Animal Charities Fair focused on plastic pollution in the oceans.


As well as displaying many horrific photos of the effects of discarded items on marine life, we urged people to sign Friends of the Earth and Surfers Against Sewage petitions, and to join FoE's Plastic Free Friday.


This campaign encourages people to avoid buying anything plastic on one day a week, and offers tips on how to do this, such as buying loose rather than packaged vegetables.


As usual, the fair was very busy.


We had a lot of visitors, and raised some money through sales of Sheila's lovely linocut cards.


To get more information on FoE's plastics campaign, sign the petition and join Plastic Free Friday, visit https://friendsoftheearth.uk/plastics


3 September 2017 -Brentford festival

Our stall featured the Clean Air Campaign and also the Bee Cause, with Jules in the FoE big bee costume. Despite the rather miserable weather the stall was quite well visited and many campaign cards were signed.


An additional attraction was the Lifestyle Tips Lucky Dip.

Suggestions included:

Mix olive oil with ground sea salt and a little brown sugar to make a natural exfoliating scrub”,

“Use old toothbrushes for cleaning taps, grouting, muddy shoes, bike chains … the list is almost endless”, and

“Remove stains from wooden chopping boards and cloths by mixing lemon juice with water, apply and rinse”.

A tip mentioning lemons received a surprise gift of a lemon, while the mention of flowers or bees won a packet of seeds or a toy bee.


May 2017 - Consultation on Draft Airports National Policy Statement:      

new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England


West London FoE response



15 December 2016 - Talk to Cub Scout group

 EFoE was invited to talk to a local Cub Scout group on an environmental topic. Read the report



            8 May 2016 - Time to Act - Climate Change March


Members of EFOE joined others in Central London to walk backwards for Climate Change.


This was to demonstrate that due to government inaction we have in fact gone backwards.

4 February 2016 - Talk on Nuclear Disaster

details ...


2015 - West London FoE response to Airports Commision Consultation

The Airports Commission consulted on the provision of a 3rd runway in the south-east of England. 

Our reply is here



15 December 2015 - Drawing a red line for the Climate

EFOE joined others to carry a red cloth across Westminster Bridge

29 November 2015 - People's March for Climate

Members of EFOE joined others in Central London on the People's March.

9 October 2010 - Planet Friendly Farming


Ealing Friends of the Earth visited the Farmers’ Market at West Ealing on Saturday 9th October 2010 to ask the public to support ‘planet friendly farming’.


Virginia Fassnidge, food campaigner for Ealing Friends of the Earth, said: “The way we produce food has a huge impact on the environment.


Unfortunately many of our meat producers are causing wholesale environmental damage by the way they feed their animals.


Rainforests are being destroyed in South America to grow soya beans for animal feed in Britain.

We are asking our MPs to support the Sustainable Livestock bill, which will encourage farmers to feed animal on home grown and rainforest free crops.”

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April 2001 we were protesting about Clean Air

100 years cars poison our air