It has been a terrible few months for the airline business, and it looks like it would take a long time to get back to anything like normal. But it’s increasingly clear that normal doesn’t mean good. Even before the pandemic that has grounded many thousands of aircraft and cost the industry billions of dollars, more and more people were questioning whether they should continue to fly when the UN has issued a stark warning about the impending climate catastrophe, and aviation has been the fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Flight Free 2020 has taken off (pun intended) in a number of countries including the UK. If enough people sign the pledge not to fly this year it will send a strong message to politicians and the public that individuals are prepared to change their habits in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Read more about the campaign and sign the pledge here:


The airline industry is begging for bailouts – is this where we want our taxes to go? Friends of the Earth say that If the government is spending billions of pounds of taxpayers' money, it must be to protecting people and the planet, not to prop up dirty industries and their rich shareholders. Read FoE’s suggestions for government priorities here:

FoE joined a number of organisations including Greenpeace, HACAN and Hammersmith & Fulham No Third Runway to send an open letter to the Chancellor calling for bailouts that protect workers, the public, the wider economy and the planet.  Read the letter and sign a petition to the Government here:


And once travel is possible again, satisfy your wanderlust with flight-free journeys. The many websites offering solutions include