Traffic volumes in London before the Covid pandemic were already
causing air pollution that killed over 9000 Londoners a year,
and  producing CO2 emissions that contribute to the looming climate


With the reduced capacity of public transport due to Covid
we need a safe alternative that doesn’t involve burning oil to move
thousands of metal boxes (cars) around containing
typically just a single passenger.

Ealing Friends of the Earth therefore backs plans by Ealing Council and
the London Mayor to make it safer to walk or cycle.


We should aim to have cycleways that are not just safe and distanced from pollution hot
spots (major roads), but also as uninterrupted as possible. That means
minimising stop-starts at junctions and crossings.


As car drivers we are never obliged to press a button to get a turn at a traffic
light, but as pedestrians and cyclists we often have to push multiple
buttons to navigate large junctions.


Ealing Council applied for funding for 200 walking & cycling schemes but only 11 schemes have been funded by TfL. Anyway have a look at these:


To see the SUSTRANS interactive map, You need to open the link to the map near the end of the article “head to the map here”.

2) Interactive map that allows people to suggest improvements for walking or cycling: