The Bee Cause


Britain’s bees are in trouble. 35 UK bees species are under threat of extinction, and all species face serious threats. Right now, they need us almost as much as we need them.


The decline in bees' diversity and abundance would have a serious impact on how our natural world functions. This includes our food crops. Bees pollinate much of the food that makes our diets healthy and tasty – from the apple in our lunchbox, to the tomatoes on our pizza.


Bees and other pollinating insects are vital to:

1.      our food supply – they pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables

2.      our economy - without bees, the costs for farmers would rise, leading to higher food prices

3.      our quality of life – our gardens, parks and countryside

   And bees need us. British bee numbers have fallen dramatically in recent years, and the way we farm our food and plan our towns and cities is making the problem worse.