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You may like to know that Friends of the Earth has launched legal action against the government on Heathrow expansion. See


8 August - Is Fracking doomed in the UK?

by Jeremy Leggett

With fracking about to recommence in the UK after 8 years, a review of progress and prospects is in order. To understand why this latest fiasco in British energy policy and wider society has come about, it is necessary to go right back to the beginning, around 2006, when fracking began in earnest in American shale ….and a multi-hundred-billion-dollar doomed-to-burst debt bubble began to build.


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3 August - HEATWAVE

Climate change now a matter of life and death


MPs on Parliament’s Environment Audit (EAC) have warned

“higher temperatures which caused 2,000+ deaths in 2003 will be summer norm by the 2040s, making adaptation to heatwaves a matter of life and death.”


The Met Office has projected that

UK summer temperatures could regularly reach 38.5°C by the 2040s.


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Greece, Spain & France


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The authorities in Britain and elsewhere are keen to talk about the role of arsonists in these fires. But the fact of the matter is that fires would not have spread unless the forests were tinder dry. And tinder dry forest is exactly what we expect with climate change. Perhaps they should talk about climate change!

Morrisons customers can bring their own containers ...

when buying meat or fish

16 May 18

Supermarket chain Morrisons has announced it will allow customers to use their own containers

for meat and fish from the Morrisons’ Market Street Butcher and Fishmonger counters as from this month.

The new policy is part of a number of measures the Bradford-based supermarket

is taking

to reduce plastic pollution,

in addition to committing to make all its own-brand plastic packaging reusable,

 recyclable or compostable by no later than 2025.

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Plastic-free trust mark

'A Plastic Planet' rolls out 1st-ever 'plastic free' Trust Mark

16 May 18

Environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet has launched the world's first 'plastic free' Trust Mark,

 to let shoppers know which food and drink products have been packaged without plastic.

Early adopters of the Trust Mark include

 UK supermarket giant Iceland, Dutch retailer Ekoplaza and tea brand Teapigs.

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