Together for Climate Justice demo to be held 1 December in London

Join us at the Together for Climate Justice demo on 1 December in London, to send a message that the time for half-hearted greenwash is over. Urgent action is needed to keep within 1.5C. But we need YOU to make this protest big. Can you help with outreach? This can be anything from sending emails to organising a street stall or handing out flyers. Get in touch on if you can help.

The demo lasts from 12:00 to 16:00; the planned assembly point is the Polish Embassy, 47 Portland Place London W1B 1JH (to be confirmed).

Spread the word and invite friends on Facebook:


The recent IPCC report is a landmark for our planet, setting out just what is at stake if we breach 1.5C warming.

For many years 2C was talked of as a 'safe' limit. It was only by the tireless work of those countries most at risk from climate change that 1.5C made it into the Paris agreement at all. But now it's clear that 2C is 'safe' for no one. It's also clear that we're on track to overshoot it. Nations' inadequate plans to tackle climate change would see us reaching 3C or 4C within the lifetime of today's children.

So, is all lost? No. While many of us have been talking (shouting!) about this for years, it feels that so many more are now waking up to the threat - but often feeling helpless to do anything about it. We now have an opening for conversations that once seemed too difficult: because when people find out about campaigning that's already happening, despair can turn to action. A week ago in Germany, 50,000 gathered to safeguard the Hambach forest from destruction from coal mine expansion. This weekend, tens of thousands marched in France. The divestment movement, once mocked, now reaches over 6 trillion dollars in assets and is acknowledged by companies like Shell and BP as a threat to their business.

What next?

This December in Poland, countries will negotiate the crucial next steps to keep the Paris climate deal on the rails. It's urgent. But we know we can't depend on governments to represent us at UN talks infiltrated by fossil fuel interests. It's not just Trump who won't quit fossil fuels. From fracking to a Heathrow third runway, the UK is stalling on climate action. We know that the poorest countries in the world will be in the front line of climate change. But their slogan - '1.5 to stay alive' - speaks for all of us.